Felicita "Felli" Maynard

What I'm Up To


Home: Where I Seek, i find myself curated by ADAMA DELPHINE FAWUNDULAYLAH AMATULLAH BARRAYN, ph museum May 28-july 22, 2019

The exhibition delves into the notion of home as a concrete or abstract concept. From heritage and community to the physical body, or the place we lay our head at night, home is central to our being. It is often a defining element in our life’s narrative. Where we come from, whom we identify with, and how we perceive ourselves, are each vital components of the self. Despite this fact, the notion of home is a notoriously elusive concept. At times we long for it, have an urge to transform it, clasp to our belonging of, or are willing to release it all in search of a new home.

God's Pride 1.PNG

GOD’s pride, in our own words at saint matthews & saint thomas church June 8-June 30, 2019