Felicita "Felli" Maynard
Felicita "Felli" Maynard

Art Statements


Tintypes & Ambrotypes

I am interested in history's complex relationship with the way Black bodies are portrayed in early methods of photography. By learning the process of creating modern "tintypes" and ambrotypes (glass negative or positive images), I am using the medium to create a new narrative based on true representation. 


Life in Polaroids

Polaroids have always intrigued me, reminding me of the analog in this digital world. Here are moments into my life, I hope they serve as souvenirs from this artist.  


Pestle & MOrtar

Pestle and mortar: Kitchen device used to prepare ingredients by crushing and grinding them into fine paste or powder. The mortar is the bowl, while the pestle is a heavy blunt club-shaped object. An important tool used in spiritual practices. I wanted to explore this object in metal and in doing so wanted to give it even more power.  The mortar is depicted as untouchable with its spiky outside hinting at the fact that it is not intended for all. 



Return is a series that looks into the migration of 1st generation American born millennials returning back to the homes of  their parents and grandparents. Return will look at women of color specifically, as their journeys are usually forgotten. Return will look into the complexities that come with reconnecting with a long lost home. 



"Among her tools, she feels powerful. No mission is too great, for within her all elements come together to create balance"                 BWP (Black Witch Project) is an ongoing project documenting people of color in a realm where they are usually not represented. At this time POC are diving back into spirituality and the taboo once had is being forgotten. This is my way of honoring the women and traditions they continue to keep alive. 


AFROLatinx project

The term Afrolatinx or Latinx is a gender-inclusive way of referring to people of Latin American descent. It is commonly used by activists and some academics; the term is still not used exclusively by the public. I personally did not know the term Afro Latinx existed until my sophomore year of college in 2008. From adolescence to my young adult years I struggled with the idea that I had to choose between being Latino or Black, not realizing that I did not have to choose between either.

Having a visual representation of people who shared a similar story to me would have showed me to embrace all of me. In recent years there has been a lot more recognition of Afro Latin people, yet I still feel it is not enough. With representation comes understanding and I want the coming generation to be proud instead of confused. With my film photographs I want to show that these people do have an identity vs the identity that the Trump administration has created for them.


Keytlin's Journey

2017 has been a controversial year surrounding immigration laws and the people of color who are directly affected by them. The mood surrounding these documentary images that are all over the media is just sadness and anger.

Keytlin’s Journey studies my experiences with my younger sister who permanently lives in Panama. Keytlin produced Kate·lin, is my little sister who is 100% Panamanian while I am navigating the world as a Colombian, Panamanian, American. These photographs spanning from 2014 to 2017 show Keytlin navigating our times together both in Panama and NYC. 


Las primas

A study into young female bonds within my family.


Gentrification : a brooklyn tale

A photo narrative of how gentrification has affected my neighborhood of South Slope in Brooklyn. Photos span from 2000 to Present and are exclusivly film photographs.


summertime sadness a series

The freedom felt after a summer heartbreak, the act of having to find yourself all over. Loneliness rolled up with elegance and pride.

Model: Sha