I work across traditional analog and alternative photography processes. I focus on themes revolving around the exploration of gender identity, sexuality and the concept of Afrofuturism. My work is not only about the image, but about the hands-on process that goes into producing each piece.

Felicita “Felli” Maynard is a New York based interdisciplinary artist, student and educator. They received their BFA from Brooklyn College, with a concentration in film photography. As a 1st generation Afrolatinx-American, their work uses photography to investigate and explore identity, gender, history and the black body. They are interested in the concept of rewriting history by means of their work. Maynard has shown work at Bushwick Open Studio, Westchester Community College, Spectrum Gallery at MCLA college, Brooklyn Photoville and Pen + Brush Gallery in NY. Maynard works mainly using analog photography techniques as well as incorporating installation and printed works into their series. Felli lives and works in Brooklyn NY.

Maynard is currently interning in the Digital Collection and Imaging department at Brooklyn Museum, a current artist in resident at Smackmellon in Brooklyn, a 2019 BRIC media arts fellow, a teaching assistant at the Penumbra Foundation and a teaching artist at P.S. 147 through NurtureArts.